Product number: 80032 A or B

Take-anywhere task lamp with a bright working light and high CRI

  • Rechargeable – comes with 230V charger and USB powerbank
  • Reflector shaped to give approx. 110° beam angle
  • 2-step light beam: high 1700 lumens and low 1000 lumens
  • High colour rendering index (CRI) 95+
  • Adjustable foot stand/mounting arm for fixing to tripod, common walls or standing on the floor
  • Particularly well suited for work requiring colour accuracy or just to give a good, true working light

Tripod for 2 x X2’s available as accessory

  • 1000-1700 lumens

  • High CRI

  • Rechargeable


USB powerbank outlet built into the lampUse the lamp to charge your phone etc.
Charging indicatorAlway have a view of the charge level of the lamp
Durable task lampWill serve you well for a long period of time
Adjustable foot standPlace the lamp on the floor in your desired direction
UK or European plugOrder the type that suits your need
2 light levelsChoose the level convenient for your work
High CRIDoes not tire your eyes and gives great light
Rechargeable/no cableCan easily be moved around during work


Lamp weight (g)1385 (excl charger)
Lamp dimensions (cm)20.7 x 20.2 x 6
Box size (1 pc.) approx.28.5 x 21.3 x 9.2 cm
EAN code 1 lamp5703296800327


Light source20W COB LED
Colour Rendering Index (CRI)CRI 95+
Lumens1700 (step1, 1000 (step 2)
Protection classesIP65/lamp - IP20/charger / IK09 / III
Charging time approx.4 hours
Run time approx.3 hours at 1700 lm & 6 hours at 1000 lm


Datasheet: Task lamp, rechargeable X2
Datenblatt: Akku-Arbeitsstrahler X2