P320R – New

Product number: 700P320R

Rechargeable, handy flashlight of very good quality

  • Sliding focus (wide beam and long distance spot up to 230 m)
  • 2 light modes: High beam (320 lm) – low beam (63 lm)
  • Optical lens
  • Unique turn-to-cover USB charging hole
  • USB cable included
  • Shock proof from a height of 1 m
  • Supplied with battery, lanyard & clip
  • Comes in blister package for hanging and box display for standing
  • 320 lumens

  • IP45 / III

  • USB cable included


Sliding focusZoom in and light up exactly what you want to inspect
RechargeableNo need to buy batteries all the time
Duo light output320 lm for the far and bright light. 63 lm for closer look
Shock proof from height of 1 mDesigned for professional use. Can break 1-layer glass in emergency
Fits well into your handComfortable work tool
Charging indicatorWill tell you, when the lamp is fully charged
USB car charger can be purchased as assessoryEasy to charge on the road
Charger (not included)Use your phone charger or any other 5V charger


Flashlight weight approx.86 g incl. battery
Flashlight dimensions diameter cm.Ø 2.75 (head) / Ø1.95 (tube)
Flashlight dimensions length cm.14.5 (flood) / 16 cm (spot)
Blister size 1 pc. approx.11.8 x 21.5 x 6 cm
EAN code 1 lamp5703296703208
EAN code Sales Display 12 pcs.5703296703215
EAN code outer carton 12 pcs.5703296703222


HousingAerospace grade aluminium
Lumens329 (high beam), 63 (low beam)
Run time down to 1 lumen approx.4 hours (high beam), 7 hours (low beam)
Charging time approx.6 hours
Beam distance high beam (m)230 (spot) / 50 (flood)
Protection classesIP45 / III
Charging SystemMicro USB into lamp, USB into charger*
Charger *Required DC5V - 1A (max) with USB (not included)


Datasheet Elwis rechargeable LED flashlight P320R
Datablad for LED lommelygte, genopladelig, Elwis 320R
Datenblatt Elwis LED Taschenlampe P320R