Product number: 700H600-R

Rechargeable headlamp with two light modes and red LED on the back

  • 2 light modes (85 and 630 lumen) and red LED on the back
  • Separat switches for front and back
  • Battery compartment on the back
  • Interchangeable and rechargeable battery
  • Soft pad and high quality elastic strap
  • Charging indicators

We are proud to introduce the H600-R as our new flagship product

This latest technological development – including the ability to control LED heat emission – means that we can introduce a head lamp built around a 10W LED bulb. It’s no exaggeration to say that this head lamp exceeds all expectations for the amount of light a head lamp can deliver. Use the zoom function to focus the beam, activate maximum light output and you will, for example, be able to see every small movement at the edge of a wood 200m away.The H600-R is probably not the head lamp for the professional user who “just” wants a lamp for casual daily use. However, for those that need a state-of-the-art head lamp that can be used in any situation, the H600-R is the ideal product. Believe us when we say that this head lamp will never let you down.
The H600-R is designed with a unique battery solution that means that you will never run out of power. An intelligent easy-to-open battery base allows for very easy exchange of the rechargeable battery – less than 5 seconds and the battery has been changed!

  • 85 & 630 lumens

  • Interchangeable and rechargeable

  • Twist focus


Rechargeable, lightweight headlamp with red LEDLightweight gives great comfort
Charging indicator (4 x LED), flashing = charging / 4 LEDs trun green = fully chargedAlways let you know the status of the battery
Switch mode main light: high - low - offEasy finger touch to change between high/low modes
Switch off at any stage by holding down switch 2 sec. Switch on again at same stageEasy accessible button
Interchangeable and rechargeable batteryEasy to change and enables a full day of work
Battery compartment on back of the neckBattery in back gives good balance
Red LED on back of battery compartment. Separate switch. Switch mode: on - offBe visible from behind in the dark
Cable in cold resistant PVC (down to -40 degrees C)Possible to use the headlamp in different environments
Soft pad and high quality elastic strap (around and over head)Comfortable to wear during work


Headlamp dimensions (cm)Ø3.3 (cylinder) / 4.5 x 6.7 x 5.2 (housing)
Headlamp weight ca.179 g incl. battery
EAN code 1 lamp5703296706001


Battery type1 x 18650: 3.7V - 2600mAh - 9.62Wh - Lithium
Output 30 seconds (lumen)85 (low beam) / 630 (high beam)
Run time down to 10% of full lumen ca.17.5 (low beam) / 4.2 (high beam)
Beam distance ca.70 (low beam) / 200 (high beam)
Beam width from 1 m distance ca.75 (flood) / 15 (spot)
Protection classIPX5 / IK07



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