Product number: 600H200

Headlamp with both white and red light

  • Lightweight headlamp (only approx. 100g incl. batteries)
  • Adjustable head
  • Both narrow and wide beam
  • Red light for night vision
  • Soft finger touch to change switch mode and on/off
  • Soft pad and high quality elastic strap for highest convenience


The H200 is aimed at the DIY segment that wants “value for money”.

The lamp is designed to deliver a 200 lumen beam and we’ve given it 4 different functions: (1) spotlight full beam, (2) spotlight low beam, (3) light with wide angle beam, and (4) weak red light. In spite of the modest RRP, this is a head lamp that has many different uses.

  • 110 AND 220 LUMEN

  • IP44



Lightweight headlamp with battery pack at the frontBattery in front means no cables along the headband
High quality elastic strap (over and around the head)Comfortable to wear during work
Switch mode: high - low - wide - red - offEasy click to change between high/low/red/off modes
Wide beamLights up a broad area for good visibility


Headlamp dimensions (cm)3.8 x 6.2 x 4.6 (housing)
Headlamp weight approx.106 g incl. batteries (36 g)
Box size approx. (cm)13 x 21.5 x 8.5
EAN code 1 lamp5703296402002


Battery type3 x AAA Alkaline Panasonic
Output 30 seconds (lumen)100 (spot low beam) / 200 (spot high beam & flood)
Run time down to 10% of full lumens approx.9 (low beam) / 3.5 (high beam) / 6 (flood)
Beam distance approx.50 m (spot high beam) / N/A (spot low beam & flood)
Beam width from 1 m distance approx.20 (spot) / 200 (flood)
Protection classIP44



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