Product number: 14C600-R

Interchangeable, rechargeable & dimmable COB handlamp 600 lumens

  • Handy and flexible 240° handlamp with torch
  • Rechargeable and interchangeable battery
  • Switch mode: torch-front 200 lm – off
  • Dimmable +/- switch 100-600 lm (stepless)
  • Strong fixed magnets on base and back

This is our take on an inspection lamp that gives you incredible value for money

Like the C610-R, the C600-R is yet another newly-developed Elwis inspection lamp, designed with our new unique battery solution. This is a professional inspection lamp the design and construction of which are the result of 66 years’ lamp design experience. This lamp has been designed from A to Z using the best components on the market and with top quality construction. The compact design also means that all its sensitive components are protected as effectively as possible. Put bluntly… this lamp can easily stand being dropped on the floor. A good working light should also be dimmable. In the workshop, full beam (the C600-R is 600 lumen) can sometimes be too bright. We have therefore designed the C600-R with a user-friendly dimmer that can dim the brightness from 15 – 100%. The C600-R is designed with our unique battery solution which means in practice that it’s really easy to replace the rechargeable battery. Furthermore, the C600-R is equipped with a 100 lumen torch in the top that gives the lamp an extra functionality.

  • 100-600 lumens

  • Fixed magnets on back and base

  • Interchangeable & rechargeable


Rechargeable & interchangeable batteryEnables full day of work
Dimmable +/- switch: 100-600lm. Stepless.Helps you choose the exact lumen you need
Handy and flexible 240° handlamp with torchEasy to bring and to adapt to every situation
Strong fixed magnets on base and backAllows inspection lamp to be fixed where you need it


Lamp dimensions (cm)21.3 x 5.7 x 3.6
Lamp weight (g)275
Box size (cm)6.8 x 3.8 x 21.5
Box weight (g)370
EAN code box (1 pc)5703296149006


Battery type1 x 18650. 3.7V - 2600mAh - 9.62Wh - Lithium rechargeable (50g)
Output (lumen)100-600 (front) / 100 (torch)
Run time (hours)Front: 10 (at 100lm), 5.5 (at 200lm), 1.5-2 (at 600lm) / Torch: 8
Protection classIP65 / IK08 / III



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