We are welcoming new, robust, and super bright task lamps!

TL2000-R and TL5000 will be adding to Elwis PRO series product range this year. With an output of up to 5000 lumen they are ideal for any task or site lighting solution. Furthermore, TL2000-R and TL5000 are light weight products with low power consumption. They are designed with a multi grip that enables easy clip on fixing of accessories, such as the Tripod (link) or strong magnetic base (link).

Click here to watch a video presentation of the products.



  • Rechargeable
  • Charging indicator (5 x LED) – flash = charging, no flash = fully charged
  • Multi grip: Easy clip on fixing of other accessories
  • Switch modes: on / 800 lm / 2000 lm / off
  • Constant lumen output until battery runs out
  • Lamp can be used during charging
  • Reflector shaped to give approx. 110 beam angle




  • Corded
  • 5m cable for 230V
  • Cable compartment for easy roll-up
  • Multi grip: Easy clip on fixation of other accessories
  • Switch modes: on / off
  • Reflector shaped to give approx. 110 beam angle



Due to the multi grip on the lamps, the accessories for TL2 is also available for TL2000-R and TL5000. This includes the following.


See more here

  • Easy to bring along
  • Strong magnetic power
  • Very practical



See more here

  • Stabile
  • T-bar suitable for mounting 2 lamps
  • Enables placing the lamp in different heights



  • Easy to bring along
  • Can be hung from any place
  • Very practical
  • Including clip connector



TL2000R and TL5000 are exciting new members of the Task lamp series. Recommended Retail Price (RRP) as follows

TL2000-R €99,00
TL5000 €99,00
Magnet €9.95 
Tripod €49,00
Hook incl. clip connector €9,95


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