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Elwis new X Series of colour matching task lamps provide a beautiful, true light for working in natural colours. For both rechargeable PRO X2 and cable PRO X4 models, Elwis has used the latest generation of advanced technology LEDs that give both high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) above 95 and a Colour Temperature of 5000 Kelvin approximating warm sunlight. The lamps are perfect for detailing, refinishing, decorating, painting workshop or photographic studio environments where accurate colour matching is essential.

X-Series lamps are fully featured with two steps of brightness, the X2 rechargeable gives off 1000 or 1700 lumens while the cabled X4 offers 1800 up to an impressive maximum of 3800 lumens. Both feature USB outputs and can be used as a powerpack to charge mobile phones, etc. The X4 also offers two mains voltage sockets at the rear.

Colour Rendering Index or CRI is a value on a scale between 1-100 determining how accurate the effect of a light source is on colour appearance. Outdoor natural light with CRI of 100 is used as the perfect standard and CRI over 90 is required for most detailing work. Elwis X Series have CRI over 95, so colours stay pure and natural.

Colour Temperature is a value measured in Kelvin with a range between 0-12,000 and indicates the characteristics of the light. Generally, a lower value is warmer and more yellow and a higher value is colder and more blue. Different light sources with the same colour temperature can have different CRIs.

Most LED lights, fluorescent tubes and low energy bulbs have CRI close to 80. Incandescent consuming bulbs have CRI close to 100. Now the CRIs of incandescent can be matched by LED technology and brought to your work environment with the highest quality, functionality and durability of Elwis – Danish high-end lighting equipment since 1953.

As a professional why demand anything less than the best light?

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