New attractive products are ready to join the Pocket series!


The Pocket series have experienced new additions to the products. Now, it also includes two headlamps, H40 and H200. They are supplied in blister packages and counter top, cardboard displays. They are both lightweight products and have a total weight (including batteries) of approximately 30 g and 106 g respectively. Furthermore, both products have adjustable high quality, elastic straps ensuring the end users comfort. Additionally, H200 is also equipped with soft pad.


You can find the data sheets on our home page under downloads or click here for quick reference.


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 Mini headlamp with 40 lumens

·         Lightweight headlamp (only 30 g incl. batteries)

·         Adjustable head

·         High quality, elastic strap for highest convenience

·         Wide beam

·         Switch on front of headlamp


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Headlamp with both white and red light

·         Lightweight headlamp (only approx. 100g incl. batteries)

·         Adjustable head

·         Both narrow and wide beam

·         Red light for night vision

·         Soft finger touch to change switch mode and on/off

·         Soft pad and high-quality elastic strap for highest convenience


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