Discover the new generation of ELWIS PRO inspection lamps which introduce high colour rendering as standard

The PRO D-series uses high CRI technology to provide most accurate colours and the best possible working light for professionals.

The PRO D-series offers 4 new models of high quality, multi functional lamps covering all different needs for the professional. All lamps are with rechargeable lithium batteries, using Micro USB for charging. They feature powerful magnets and are delivered in a 12 pcs counter display.

When we say we introduce high CRI as standard we mean it – therefore we introduce the new PRO D-series at same price level as hand lamps with standard LED.

The PRO D0 penlight is smallest of the family which easily fits into your pocket – with a light output bigger than it’s size. It offers 140 lumens main beam and a very powerful 100 lumens flashlight in the base. Innovative, adjustable clip with magnet.

PRO D2 is a compact inspection lamp – very suitable for work in harsh environments because of great durability. PRO D2 is a reliable partner for everyday use with up to 8 hours burn time, 2 light modes (250/125 lumens), flex function and a flashlight (80 lumens) in the top. 3 magnets and a hook for mounting in any position.

This slimline work lamp fits into the most narrow places and engine compartments. Provides 2 light outputs 420/200 lumens and flashlight 80 lumens.  A flex function and strong magnet in the base. Comes with four different coloured silicone bands for high visibility and personalization.

Probably the most durable hand lamp in the market for every­day use! PRO D6 provides 3 different light outputs in the front 500/220/110 lumens and flashlight 140 lumens. Burn time is up to 7 hours in the lowest mode. Powerfull magnet in the base and a hook in the top. Comes with four different coloured silicone bands for high visibility and personalization of the lamp.

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