Press release: 10 years with Elwis

Jonas - deternined gentleman

The Danish Elwis group, which was founded in 1938, understands the benefits of employee experience and retention. More than 60% of the employees have now been employed for more than 10 years. The last member in the “anniversary club” is the Commercial Director of Elwis Lighting, Jonas Johansson who is celebrating his 10 year anniversary on the 3rd September.

Jonas started in the sales department visiting mainly Danish customers, but within a short period of time his territory was expanded to include Norway as well as the whole of the Nordic region. It was soon noticed that he showed so much interest in the products that a lot of his time was spent at home to seek knowledge in the lighting business, as well as the development and possibilities within the product categories.

Ten years ago, there was still focus on the classic Elwis auto-inspection lamps with fluorescent tubes. But times change, and even though the classic Elwis lamps with the yellow hook are still being sold, the professionals today demand completely different types of products. Through close contact with customers and collaborators, Jonas has understood their needs and utilized their knowledge to develop the professional products we deliver today. An assortment consisting of the best headlamps, torches, inspection lamps and task lighting – all for professional use.

Jonas Johannson - CPH marathon 2017

As stated by CEO Peter Lottrup, Jonas has evolved a lot through the years, from being a salesman without experience, who was struggling to set ambitious goals, to become proficient in a goal-oriented managerial capacity. This ability has continually developed and is most clearly seen by Jonas’ great passion for marathon running, where he constantly seeks new goals and faster times. It was therefore with great faith in Elwis Lighting’s future that Peter Lottrup handed over the responsibility of Commercial Director to Jonas 2 years ago.

Jonas presenting new lamps

In addition to management tasks, Jonas keeps his finger on the pulse by attending fairs and visiting both local partners as well as the larger international customers. Earlier, Elwis focused on sales to the automotive industry, but due to product development and new product types, Elwis currently sells to wholesalers in all professional industries. Design and development of lamps for business partners in their own brand has also become part of the business.

Jonas Johansson - 10 years with Elwis

Jonas’s vision of the future in mobile work lights for professionals:
“There is no doubt that “energy efficiency” will be significantly increased, that is, what we know as “lumen per watts”. Likewise, I think that high CRI (colour rendering index) becomes standard. However, the next quantum leap in work lighting will come when we get a new battery technology. When we have a battery technology with a capacity that is at least twice as high as today, I think we will see a quantum leap in the development of all electrical products – both cars and television as well as lighting” – Jonas Johansson.

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