Elwis Lighting is part of the Elwis Group which includes the following businesses:

Elwis Automotive Aftermarket supplies more than 4,000 different gaskets and seals for European and Asian passenger cars. We are recognised as a market leading independent supplier, especially for the European and US aftermarkets.

Elwis Industrial Solutions manufactures OEM and bespoke gasket and sealing solutions for industrial customers across Europe.

Elwis Lighting brings to market an impressive range of innovative and highly durable mobile work lamps targeting the Professional.
We sell to distributors and wholesalers only.

Elwis Lighting – Who are we?

  • Elwis Lighting is a 3rd generation family owned limited company and is part of the Elwis group.
  • In 1953 we invented and produced the first low voltage hand lamp in the world.
  • From there, the lighting business developed and we have now gained many years of design and manufacturing experience to develop and produce products for the professional market. We deal with leading professional wholesalers and distributors all over the world.
  • Elwis is headquartered in Denmark.
  • We have 2 sales representatives connected in Germany and England, respectively.

Why Elwis?

  • With our many years of experience Elwis is a stable partner you can rely on.
  • We produce both in Elwis brand as well as in private label.
  • Elwis offers a complete range of portable lighting to meet the needs of professional mechanics, electricians and other industrial craftsmen.
  • The Elwis PRO series is developed by an experienced team in cooperation with professional end users from different industries – resulting in perfect work tools.

Design and production

  • Elwis lamps are designed by an experienced team of engineers and designers.
  • Private label products are typically designed by our customers; we then manage the processes of engineering, testing, tooling and approvals according to the regulations of each market.
  • Nowadays, most of our production takes place in China where we have two exclusive factory partnerships.
  • We only use the best quality LEDs from leading USA and Japanese brands.
  • Other parts like batteries and adaptors are also from trusted manufactures with whom we have a long-term relationship.

Quality control

  • To secure high quality in all aspects of our business we employ an external engineering partner in Denmark who has extensive expertise in testing electronic devices.
  • No new design is released for final production before it has been approved by both our own engineers and external partner.
  • When a lamp is finally released for production and sales, continuous tests are made of the lamps before distribution. This is our way of ensuring that the quality is not compromised and that we always deliver lamps of the highest quality and durability.

Our goal

  • We aim to produce durable lamps for professional end users, with the best technology for each specific product type.
  • By keeping ourselves constantly updated with market demands, we strive to always be able to supply products that will exceed your expectations.
  • We focus on cooperation with reliable and long-term partners who can represent the Elwis brand in their national market.

Terms and conditions

  • Elwis only deal with wholesalers and distributors. Please find the sales and delivery terms of Elwis under “Download“.
  • When you deal with us  or receive our newsletters, we respect your privacy and take good care of your private data. Please see our Privacy Policy for Marketing under “Download“.

Claims handling

As an end-user:

  • Any claim should be presented to the shop or company, who has sold the lamp to you as an end-user.
  • A receipt shall always follow the claim.
  • In some cases, we can accept that lamps are sent directly to Elwis, but this should be agreed in advance between the dealer and Elwis. The forwarding charges will be on own account and will only be reimbursed, if the claim is approved.

As a trader of Elwis lamps:

  • Elwis trade on Business to Business terms. However, we do grant 2 years of warranty from purchase of lamps instead of only one.
  • In short, all claims shall be checked in one way or the other by Elwis and a copy of invoice or invoice number shall follow the claim before it can be approved.
  • Forwarding costs will only be reimbursed, if the claim is approved by Elwis.
  • Upon rejection of claims, you will receive a reason for the rejection in writing. Upon approval, you will either receive a credit note or replacement lamps.

Is a claim a valid claim?

  • Our document, “Claims Evaluation”, describes various claims that we have encountered during the years – some approved and some not.
  • We hope this document can help you decide, whether a broken lamp is in fact a claim covered by warranty, or if the lamp is faulty due to misuse or strike of bad luck on the side of your customer.
  • The “Claims Evaluation” document can be obtained by contacting lighting@elwis.com or your local sales representative.

Main visiting address

Telephone hours

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 4pm
Friday: 8am – 3pm

Warehouse address

  • Gammelmosevej 46-48 | 2820 Gentofte | Denmark

Warehouse opening hours

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 3pm
Friday: 7am – 2.30pm

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