TL2 accessories

Product number: 80020-S

Following accessories are available for TL2:

  • Magnet holder with fixed clip connector (80020-S1)
  • Bonnet holder with 2 clip connectors M8 (80020-S2)
  • Battery w/sliding grip for clip connector (80020-S3)
  • Tripod (M8) incl. 2 clip connectors 80020-S4
    (Notice that the bar is shorter on the Tripod for TL2 only
    than the bar of 80020-S4X which is also for the X-series)
  • Hook for clip connector M8 (80020-S5)
  • Foot stand for TL2-R (80020-S6)
  • Clip connector/clip-on rod (M8) (80020-S7)