Product number: 60029

Neat “take anywhere” mini LED flashlight

  • Produced in robust aluminium housing
  • 35 lumens for the quick, close up inspection
  • Supplied with steel clip and 1 x AA battery
  • Comes in a 24 pieces display
  • Flourescent on/off button
  • Robust aluminium housing

  • 35 lumens

  • 1 x AA


35 lumensFor the quick, close up inspection
With or without clipUse with or without clip to fit your purpose
Rubber on the handlePrevents the flashlight from rolling
Aluminium housingTo prolong life time
Small in sizeFits into your pocket, glove compartment, toolbox etc.


Lamp dimensions ca.9.7 x ø2
Lamp weight ca.54 g incl. battery
Display (24 flashlights)Acrylic 24 pcs counter display, all black
Display size ca.17.9 x 13.7 x 17 cm
EAN code 1 lamp5703296300308


Battery type1 x AA
Run time ca.3 hours
IP rating20
Light source0.5W LED


Datasheet: Pocket light P30, flourescent button