Product number: 14040

Handy inspection lamp featuring base light & flashlight in one

  • Practical size for bringing along on work
  • Flexible in two steps: 45° + 90°
  • Base light in front (140 lumens) and flashlight on top (70 lumens)
  • Durable yellow hook
  • Rubber-covered magnet
  • Charging indicator on lamp
  • Comes with a USB cable to charge via f.inst. your 5V phone charger, a power bank, a pc etc.
  • Duo light output

  • Flex & hook

  • Rechargeable


Flashlight at top and base light at sideChoose the most practical light for your work situation
Lumens outputAdjust the light output to fit your purpose
MagnetPossibility to fix the lamp in a stable position for steady light
Hook (360°)Point the lamp in any direction using the rotating hook
Charging indicator on lamp (1 x LED)Red = charging / Green = fully charged
Flex functionChoose the most practical light direction: 45° or 90°
Suplied with cable for charger, but without chargerNo need for several chargers - use your phone charger or any other 5V charger


Lamp dimensions ca.18.6 x 4.7 x 2.8 cm
Lamp weight (without USB cable, but incl. battery)140 g
Box size (1 pcs) ca.5.2 x 4.7 x 19.2 cm
EAN code 1 lamp5703296140409


Lumens140 (front) / 70 (torch)
Run time ca.2.5 hours (front) / 3 hours (torch)
Charging time ca.2 hours
Charging IndicatorYes - on lamp
USB lead for charger, ca. 1 mUSB into charger, Micro USB into lamp
Protection classesIP20 / IK07 / III


Datasheet: Handlamp C5