Product number: 14035

Handy and flexible hand lamp with great light output

  • Extremely durable and flexible 45° + 90° hand lamp
  • Can withstand being run over by a vehicle up to 1.8 tonnes
  • Strong fixed POT magnet (PVC pad covered “no scratch”)
  • Yellow nylon hook with 15 kg lifting power (360°)
  • Battery low voltage warning (3-4 blink/min. approx. 30 minutes before zero voltage)
  • Comes with a USB lead, so you can charge using f.inst. your 5V phone charger, power bank, pc etc.
  • With the magnet, hook and flexibility, this lamp can with its 350 lumenst light up a large area and give you light in almost any work position


  • 350 lumens

  • IK07

  • IP54


FlexibilityHandy and flexible (180 degrees) with magnets and hook
Magnets at bottom and back of the lampMakes it possible to fasten the lamp in different positions
Hook (360°)Point the lamp in any direction using the rotating hook
LightFlashlight at top and main light at side with 3 different lumen outputs
Switch modeClik by clik: Flashlight - Front low output - Front high output - Off
Charging indicator 1 x LEDRed = charging. Green = fully charged. Flashes before battery turns off
Suplied with cable for charger, but without chargerNo need for several chargers - use your phone charger or any other 5V charger


Lamp weight (without USB cable, but incl. battery) ca.300 g
Lamp dimensions ca.28 x 4.8 x 4 cm
Sales box (1 pcs) size ca.39 x 5 x 8 cm
EAN code 1 lamp5703296140355


Output lumens350
Run time ca.4 hours
Charging time ca.5 hours
Cable for charger ca. 1 mUSB plug into charger, round jack into lamp
Protection classIP54 / IK07 / III