Vision 11

Product number: 18101 A or B

Durable 11W 230V fluorescent handlamp

  • Approved for rough service
  • Can withstand being run over by a vehicle up to 1.8 tonnes
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • 11W –  230 V – electronic ballast
  • Hexagonal “no-roll” design
  • Strong black hook
  • Cable with EU plug


  • IP54

  • Hook

  • Replaceable bulp

Datasheet: Hand lamp, cable Vision 11


DurableApproved for rough service
Replaceable bulpProlong the lifetime of your lamp
Hexagonal "no-roll" designPlace your lamp in a lying position and it will stay there
Strong hookHang to keep light steady
Wide beamProvides light on a wide work area
Oil and chemical resistantYou can use the lamp even in greasy environments


Lamp dimensions ca.45 x 6 cm
Lamp weight 1 pcs. ca.850 g incl. cable
Description"Performance design"
Box size (1 pcs) ca.49 x 10 x 7 cm
EAN code 1 lamp703296181013


Operating voltage230-240V
Protection classIP54 / II